High speed Train brake pad 120 to 280km per hour

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High speed Train brake pad 120 to 280km per hour

  • Type: G/D/T/K/C
  • Speed: 120 to 280km per hour
  • Brand: LANDTECH
  • OE NO.: Standard
  • Car Make: Car,Light Truck,Truck,Light Bus,Microbus,City Bus,Bus,Tractor,Trailer and so on
  • Brake Pad Material: Semi-Metal,Non-Abestos,Metallic,Abestos,SEMI-METAL ASBESTOS,SEMI-METAL NON ASBESTOS,CERAMIC NON ASBESTOS
  • Brake Disc Material: Gray iron 250,American Standard G3000,ASTM G3000(USA),GG25(EURO),HT250(CHINA)
  • Size: Standard Size
  • Certification: TS16949,R90,DOT
  • Type: Brake System
  • Processing Time: 15days
  • Place of Origin: China Mainland
  • Model Number: OE,D+FMSI,WVA,Autotech
  • Brand Number: Landtech,Autotech,Autoyadong
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Packing: Strong Carton,Strong Pallets
  • Port: Tianjin,Qiangdao,Shanghai,Ningbo,Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,O/A
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    G type High speed Train brake pad 320 to 480km per hour
    D type CRH Train brake pad 20 to 280km per hour
    Railway Train brake pad 180 to 260km per hour
    Railway Train brake pad (speed from 150 to 230KM/Hour)
    EUROTEK High Quality Railway Train brake pad (speed from 120 to 200KM/Hour)
    speed from 150 to 230KM/Hour

    G/D trian brake pad Train brake pad for Speed:200-250km/h
    Independent intellectual property rights, research and development of the material powder metallurgy brake pads high-performance materials to ensure the strength of the matrix at same time to improve the thermal conductivity for the brake pads and different speeds of high enough friction coefficient and stability
    Now train brake pad is application for Beijing railways and Train,Tianjin train,Shenzhen and so on many train lines.
    Train brake pad a high-performance friction material. Using nitrile rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as the matrix adhesive, and low carbon steel fiber, carbon fiber, precipitated barium sulfate and other powder raw materials mixed, by mixing, crushing, room temperature compression molding, curing and subsequent treatment process, The friction material is bonded to the metal dovetail plate and then connected to the vehicle’s dovetail trough through the metal dovetail plate. The recommended friction material is cast iron brake disc (such as dyed iron plate, etc.). This product does not contain substances such as asbestos and other UIC standards prohibited.
    Friction characteristic curve
    According to the application of different conditions, the friction coefficient of μ = 0.28 … 0.38 between.
    Technical indicators:
    Average friction coefficient: 0.35;
    Use speed: 140km / h;
    Maximum sustained temperature: 260 ℃;
    Maximum instantaneous temperature: 450 ℃;
    Hardness (25 ℃): 45 ~ 65HRR;
    Density (g / cm3): 2.3 ± 0.2;
    Compressive strength: 80 ~ 100MPa;
    Oil absorption rate (%): 0.83;
    Water absorption (%): 0.76;
    The friction surface of this product is prohibited from contact with oil items to prevent frictional performance

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